Establishment, operation & maintenance of roads and infrastructure

Mawarid Services is responsible for the construction and maintenance of major roads, and all that these entail - including infrastructure and landscaping. Our main areas of focus are all Abu Dhabi and Dubai roads; as well as Delma and Silaa road in Western Region, in addition to assisting with some more holistic road works in the Western Region.
Operation and management of agriculture & landscaping projects

We specialize in landscaping projects of one million square meters plots or more, including a variety of services, such as electromechanical and civil works, which comprises of the installation/maintenance of pumping stations, control devices, modern irrigation networks and all other related services needed for infrastructure projects. Within this remit, we also construct swimming pools and fountains.

To help construct and maintain our projects, we own a fleet of specialized equipment in the field of agriculture and landscaping works, amassing some 1000 vehicles.
Management of parks and farms

With a total sum of 30 farms within the UAE and surrounding region, Mawarid Services produces various types of organic fruits and vegetables, including: mangoes, bananas, grapes, and olives in addition to other types of citrus fruits and table vegetables.

As well as these high yielding farms, Mawarid Services is also responsible for the management of more than 300,000 high quality Palm trees of various species, such as: Khalas, Khnezi, crescent, and Saifin in addition to other types of palm trees located in Al Rawdah.
Wildlife management

We proudly take care of the management and preservation of more than 100,000 rare animals located in various reserves. Our services include the preservation and protection of some of the regions most endangered animals, including the Arab caribou.
Production & Management of Animal feed

A fully automated plant with a state of art production facility, with a capacity of 70,000 M.T of various types of high quality animal feeds with different textures including mash, crumbles, pellets, muesli and flakes.

AFM provides governmental agencies and private companies with feed for all types of animals, including sheep, cattle, birds, camels, deer, zoo animals, game birds and rare species.

A proud member of the Mawarid Holding group, Al Ain Feed Mill is certified and accredited for ISO/IEC 17025:2005. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 to guarantee quality of products and customer satisfaction.
Veterinary Laboratories and Quarries Biosecurity and Safety

Mawarid Services is specialised in the breeding and conservation of rare and endangered animals, Mawarid have more than 100,000 animals representing more than 100 species kept in multiple nature reserves. Mawarid also owns a modern hospital equipped with the latest veterinary equipment, and external veterinary clinics in different sites which provides treatment and surgical procedures to the animals.

Mawarid Services currently owns three fully equipped mobile clinics which facilitate the treatment of animals in different sites across many modern scientific laboratories, specialising in breeding and animal health. Treatment is supervised by well-trained veterinarians, specialists, technicians and assistants with varying experience in all fields related to animal health and veterinary care for wild and domestic species.

Mawarid owns three well equipped incinerators for deceased animal disposal, supervised by well-trained staff implanting bio-security programs and standards for disease prevention.

Mawarid employs expert specialists who have an excellent experience in animal captures, transportation, immunisation and relocation.

At Mawarid you will find the world’s largest centre for Arabian Tahr breeding and extinction prevention.

Mawarid oversees a number of animal production farms for sheep, goats, cows and poultry.
Mawarid Nurseries

Established in 2017, Mawarid Nurseries is one of the largest growers and importers of all kinds of ornamental plants with most species of palms, trees, shrubs, ground covers and fruit plants in its portfolio. There are two commercial ornamental plant nurseries located at the Al Foah and Al Kuwaitat.

Mawarid Nurseries has worked on building its capacity while keeping costs low so that the market can be provided with quality products in large quantities at low prices.
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